Shred Moto Co. "Shred Pegs"

Shred Moto Co. "Shred Pegs"

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Machined Available NOW!  
Balck Ano & Polished (pre-sale ONLY) 

We have updated our shred pegs! We listened to our customers and here it is!! Our version 3.0 Shred Peg that still allows you to get your feet and your Footpeg off the ground in corners! Now we added the diamond cut grip to our original Design and man does it hold your foot in place!!!! These are a must-have in shredding canyons or the track! They also work great for Harley Stunting! For just the updated footpeg if you already have the brackets please email us at so we can get you set up right!

**Fits any mid control stock Harley Foot Peg Mount up until 2017** 

The Shred Pegs are designed to have your ground clearance in mind. The pegs are offset 1.5" higher for an increased lean angle while cornering without dragging your feet. Also benefits rider with a better rider position for more control. 

Includes ARP Polished Stainless Hardware



**Purchase of adjustable brake rod may apply on some Sportster (XL) models***

** PLEASE NOTE** Your feet and pegs may be up off the ground but you must take into consideration that there might be some parts on a stock hight suspension FXD(X)/FXR/XL that could hit the ground first. These pegs are for experienced riders taking it to the next level. 


Our products are designed and manufactured for "racetrack" use ONLY. Application and suitability for a particular use are the responsibility of the purchaser.

The user or installer of this product must determine it's suitability for its intended purpose or application.